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This wepage is dedicated to license plate pictures. Main idea of platepie.com is to show from how many different countries it is possible to see license plates in Estonia. Estonia is a small European country which is situated in Northern Europe. Foreign car number pictures made in Estonia are the basis of my main and most important collection of plate pictures.

When travelling abroad i always look for types of license plate pictures which i have never seen in Estonia. These photos make my second important collection of registration plate pictures.

In addition to that platepie.com is most comprehensive source of information about Estonian license plates. Both historical and current.

My special interest about license plates are different symbols on number plates:flags, coats-of-arms, maps etc.

I started spotting registration plates in 2004. Platepie.com was introduced in August 2005. Since then i have been able to take pictures of license plates from 92 different countries in Estonia.

I'm a member of The European Registration Plate Association since 2006.

Submissons of registration plate pictures and comments from site visitors are very welcome to my e-mail address:

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Statistics of foreign number plates in Estonia


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Flags and coats-of-arms used for this page are mostly from Flags of the world site