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Approximate distance from Tallinn to Tehran 4031 km

screenshot from Google maps



COMMENTS: public transport series since 2003. Plate style since 2003. Panel to the right: above - = Iran in Persian. (17) =West Azerbaijan. Serial in main part of the plate translates as: 62 (ayn) 953.



COMMENTS: series for vehicles travelling abroad since 2010. Plate style since 2010 although same series has been issued in parallel with German lettering style and usual I.R. band since 2015. No coding. Letter A issued from 2010 to 2012.

Since 2020 new  travel abroad plates have been issued in format of 11AA123 but it is unknown if previous series (above) has been discontinued.


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Euroband look-alike with Iranian flag issued since 2003 to the left of most plate types.

Emblem to the left of travel abroad series.

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